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Today’s Workplace Refined. Work and Meet When You Need To, Anytime. Join Today.

Located in Grand Rapids’ vibrant center city, Worklab is a co-working space created to accommodate the growing mobility of the corporate work force. With numbers of mobile workers rising, Worklab acts as a nexus for professionals to plug into a productive work environment. Learn More

Experience Your Next Meeting In A State Of The Art Worklab Meeting Room.

Meeting rooms are equipped with top-of-the-line technology, and furniture can be arranged to suit any group’s needs. Enjoy overlooking downtown as you work among other professionals in any of our workspaces: individual offices, work stations, and meeting rooms, as well as an executive office, work lounge, and café. Learn More

Imagine A Private Office To Yourself With All The Amenities Of A First Class Workplace.

Worklab provides a mobile work environment for the connected individual, team, or collective. With memberships that range from a single day to 24/7 access, this space provides corporate, mobile workers with unparalleled choice and variety in individual work spaces. Learn More

Amenities Include Madcap Coffee, Infused Water, Healthy Snacks, A Brand New Fitness Center, And More…

Equipped with first-rate technology, furniture, and design, Worklab boasts a unique space for collaborating, networking, and brainstorming big ideas. Several private settings give room to maximum productivity and efficiency. Learn More

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“WorkLab is a tool that allows and encourages me to remove myself from being buried in the business and to look at it instead from a perspective 10,000 feet up” Dustin Deckrow – Angstrom Supply